The Key to Success: Flexibility

Training to be a gymnast takes years of hard work and dedication. It’s not just about the hours in the gym, doing cardio or bodyweight exercises. It’s about a lifestyle choice, a commitment to healthy living and doing everything you can to compete with the best. One of the most prominent skills of a gymnast […]


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#whyoutsource Death of the Office

  Early homo sapiens were nomadic hunter gathers, but as civilisation developed we became more sedentary. With the onset of agriculture the farm became the site of our labours. With the industrial revolution we moved from the fields to the factories. Technological advances and globalisation moved many workers from the factory to the office. Now, […]

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#whyoutsource Not Business As Usual

You could be forgiven if you’re feeling rather more nervous about the future than usual, as The Independent reported the IMF are feeling pretty jittery too. The outcome of Brexit being a complete unknown, is wreaking havoc with the markets and the homesteads alike (my loft extension has gone on hold!) Fear of change, with […]

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